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Yankees Fans Should Be Scared: Aroldis Chapman is a Neck Tat Guy Now


If you look closely, you can see Aroldis’ neck tat just above his turtleneck

By: Alex Marcheschi

Back when Laremy Tunsil got caught doing gas mask bong rips during the NFL draft, I wrote this about some other things he could have done that would’ve concerned me more. Having neck tats was one of them. You simply just can’t trust a neck tat guy, I usually have an open mind about things like this, but I feel comfortable being super judgmental about this one.

pup neck tats.jpg

A quick look at some other famous neck tat sports guys. AI and JR are legitimately two of my favorite athletes ever, but even I can admit you can’t trust them.

Aroldis was my favorite Red in a long time, like maybe since Pokey Reese or Alex Ochoa.



But, he’s a definite wild card. We are talking about the same guy who claimed he technically didn’t harm his girlfriend, even though he fired off nine shots of a gun with her in the same room. Didn’t hit her though, I can respect the balls it takes to actually say that, but it’s a psycho move. He also once had his hotel room “robbed” and police found a woman tied up. And then there’s the fact that he’s a big speeding ticket guy.  Oh yeah, he also chiefs Marlboro Reds and wakes up at 4 pm in the offseason.

I definitely didn’t support his off the field actions before the neck tats, I just loved watching him play. But now, I can’t even watch him pitch without worrying, I feel like that’s my adopted son out there (even though he’s four years older than me). The neck tat is always just peering into my soul. When the Reds had him I felt special, now I live in Jersey with two Yankees fans and they’re very excited about him. I am too, I’ll root for him whenever he pitches, but the neck tats are such bad news. Once you go full neck tat, it’s all down hill from there. My roommate said this last night, “he might be the only Yankee ever to have a neck tat.” And he’s probably right. If ole Georgey was still alive, he’d definitely make Aroldis cover up those tats like LeBron in high school.

lebron high school

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pulling for Aroldis like I still pull for JR, but I can’t deny he has potential to start sliding down a very slippery slope. Don’t wanna end up like Birdman, DEFINITELY don’t wanna end up like Yadier, gross. Don’t do this to me Aroldis, don’t make daddy disappointed.

degen good broooo

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