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Did Chance The Rapper Just Save Cleveland by Blessing LeBron?

By: JerryAnytime

Chance The Rapper released ‘Coloring Book’ a few weeks back, and the 23-year-old rapper has been all over the news since. Posting pictures with some of the biggest names in world (Kanye, Beyoncé and Jay-Z), and putting together spectacular performances on every single late-night platform, including Colbert last night.

Dare I say Chance has made his first mistake since his album dropped? Thanking Bron-Bron for a follow, yet LeBron is in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, which means he doesn’t touch social media during the playoffs.

Will LeBron come out of social media hibernation and retweet this? Did he already break out of Zero Dark Thirty – 23 by following Chance in the first place?

While it’s all fun and games, trying a reverse Lil B curse with his “blessings,” is a great move by Chance. I believe that Chance has just accidentally made LeBron reverse curse himself. I just put myself in a pretzel trying to even think that sentence through. Chance may have just saved Cleveland, he definitely has a direct phone line to God.

spin zone lebron

LeBron shouldn’t be throwing out follows to anyone right now, and I can’t believe he didn’t learn his lesson from liking those perfect bootie pics on Instagram last year. I think Chance blessing the Cavs has to be a good thing, right? Even though Bron broke the Zero Dark Thirty – 23, it has to be good.

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