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Mother Responsible for Death of Harambe Will Not Face Charges


By: Gunny

Via USA Today 

CINCINNATI — The mother of a 3-year-old boy who fell into the Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla exhibit last month will not face charges, the Hamilton County prosecutor announced Monday.

Michelle Gregg and her son were at the zoo May 28 when witnesses said he climbed over a 3-foot fence and went through thick bushes that separate visitors from the moat that surrounds the exhibit. Gregg had turned her attention to other children, and the boy fell into the shallow water about 15 feet below.

“I’ve never seen the attention given to a family-endangering case as this,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said. “If you don’t believe a 3-year-old can scamper away that quickly, you’ve never had kids. They do just that.”

A 17-year-old silverback gorilla, Harambe, climbed into the water, picked up the boy and eventually began dragging him around.

To ensure the boy’s safety, zoo officials eventually shot and killed the gorilla. The boy suffered “a concussion and a few scrapes,” Gregg said in a Facebook post.

In the least shocking news of all time, Michelle Gregg, the mother responsible for the murder of Harambe the 17-year-old Cincinnati Zoo gorilla (which I originally covered here), will not be facing charges for her actions.

Gregg  is also not suing the zoo, which is a good thing, because in these kind of stories we always see the person responsible get off scot-free, but then later sue for psychological damage as if she was the one being drug through the water or as if she was the one who pulled the trigger that killed Harambe.

By the way, lets talk about that, I think after a week or so of this story being out I feel the worst for the people who had to make the decision to kill Harambe. That task force was made up of zookeepers, zoologists and environmentalists that deal with that animal every day and love that gorilla more than you can imagine.  But goddamn, whoever took that shot has to have a humongous nutsack. That’s a one-shot-CAN’T-MISS-the-triangle-of-Harambe’s-face-or-that-kid-is-dead type of shot.  We got the Chris Kyle of Zookeepers up in the trees firing off a .458 Winchester Magnum out of a rifle. (which if you don’t know how big of a bullet that is check out this video below, pretty intense)


JESUS CHRIST, that dude in the video is jacked and it kicked him back pretty good.  (I got some serious inside sources that know it was a .458 Win Mag that was used).  So imagine this guy knowing he’s going to get a kickback that feels like getting hit with a sledgehammer on the shoulder, and still zeroing in and making the perfect shot so the kid doesn’t die…insane.

But I digress, I saw a story recently about an old farmer who owns cows. He had one of his cows run away into the middle of the street, and then a person hit the cow with their car and the driver died.  The farmer was convicted for manslaughter because he owns the cow.  Now as absurd as that is, in my opinion, I believe this situation with Harambe calls for the same verdict.  You own a kid that jumps into a gorilla pit and as a result the gorilla is shot and killed? Guess what, that equals a manslaughter verdict…at the minimum.

In some places of the world, villagers and others worship gorillas as gods. (I might have made that up, but that has to be true right?)  So, what’s the punishment for being responsible for the murder of a god? Not sure if I have the spiritual background or moral integrity to make that kind of decision. But, last time I heard someone killed a god, an entire religion’s existence was at stake.  All I have to say is Michelle Gregg better count her blessings that Harambe didn’t rise from the dead three days later.  Michelle = Judas? I don’t know, you tell me.

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