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Sharapova’s Suspension Highlights Sexist, Pro-Marjuana Agenda in Sports

By: Alex Marcheschi

shary meme

Sexism and pro-marijuana agendas are ruining sports…wake up sheeple. #staywoke #sharapova #weed #michaelphelps #drugs

This is how #millenials report the news, strictly memes. It tells you all you need to know in a simple picture. #attentionspans #millenial #journalism #adderall

p.s. here’s wikipedia’s definition of what “meldonium” (the drug Sharapova took) does to the body. It’s honestly a joke to suspend her for two years, all kidding aside:


double p.s. – In all honesty I’m trying to cop some meldonium for that hangover cure, son. Check that last sentence out: “It may also have some effect on decreasing the severity of withdrawl symptoms caused by the cessation of chronic alcohol use.” That sounds like doctor speak for a hangover cure, it’s out there. Wake up sheeple.

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