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Why Drake is the Human Equivalent of the Pokémon “Ditto”

drake ditto.jpg

By: Alex Marcheschi

I heard 4 pm in Calabasas for the first time yesterday and honestly my first thought was, “wow, this would’ve been the best song on Views.”

I loved the The Message by Grandmaster Flash references (‘don’t push me…’ and the ‘ha-ha-ha-ha’ lines), it was a smart way for Drake to subtly insinuate that this song is classic.

But my next thought was, “damn, Drake is versatile.” The fact that the guy rapping on 4 pm in Calabasas is the same guy singing on Hold On, We’re Going Home is pretty wild. I’ve thought this before, and it’s not like I’m breaking news here by saying Drake is versatile. However, I don’t think we’ve ever seen an artist just weave in and out of genres like this and kill it no matter what. Give Hold On, We’re Going Home a listen again below. It’s a great R&B song, or maybe it’s a pop song. I really don’t know, and that’s why Drake amazes me.

(p.s. the music video for “Hold On, We’re Going Home” is exactly what I’m talking about with Drake’s versatility. Nobody is doing shit like that anymore, basically making mini-movies about a song. Genius.)

I’m not exactly a Drake fanboy, I pretty much like the majority of his music, but his persona throws me off. My ears tell me that his songs are great, but my gut tells me that his hard guy/ghetto attitude is an act. That’s why I usually side with Meek whenever a beef arises. I don’t actually think Meek is a better artist, I just think he’s truer to himself. Meek knows who he is and he does hardcore east coast rap extremely well.

What rattles me about Drake is that he doesn’t really have a genre. If he wants to be the best R&B artist on the planet, he can be. If he wants to be the best rapper on the planet, he can be. He was even really funny on SNL.

So, this is all leading up to my hot take of the day: Drake isn’t a good rapper, he isn’t a good singer….He’s an unbelievably talented artist who can master anything he puts his mind to. He’s like the human version of the Pokemon “Ditto,” he can become anything/anyone he needs to become and he usually knows how to strike when the iron is hottest. (For those who weren’t Pokemon nerds, Ditto could morph into any other Pokemon and do their moves).


It’s the only possible explanation. At this point everyone knows that Drake got his start in the limelight when he was still going by “Aubrey Graham” as an actor on Nickelodeon’s Degrassi. He’s an actor at heart. If you told me that Drake was starring in a romantic comedy and that it was actually good, I’d believe you. If you told me he was in a drama with Denzel and he killed it, I’d believe you. Hell, if you told me that he painted a masterpiece, I’d believe that too. I’d believe just about anything that didn’t involve athletic prowess.

He’s the man, he can do everything (except hit a jump shot). His body language before he takes that shot is hilarious, sports are the only thing that can make him nervous at this point. And that’s why he loves the NBA so much, it’s the one thing he knows he can’t do. And that’s okay, Aubrey can’t do it all. Typically I’d be a Drake hater because I feel like he’s a poser, but he’s so damn talented and versatile that I just have to respect it. He’s the Le’Veon Bell of musical artists, I should hate him, but I can’t. He’s just too damn good.

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