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Holly Schnicke Joins The PUP List, Gives Us Rare Glimpse Into Mind of Girl Watching NBA Finals

holly cropped

Welcome fellow Cincinnatian and OU grad Holly Schnicke to The PUP List

By: Holly Schnicke 

Editor’s Note: We’re extremely excited to bring a female perspective to the site. Holly is a fellow Cincinnatian and graduate of OU, she lives in Denver now, but she’s still an Ohio girl at heart. She claims to care about sports “73 percent” of the time, which is a pretty solid percentage, IMO. She reached out yesterday and we’re more than happy to have her on board, it was a bit of a sausage fest in here to be honest. Here’s her first piece, she gave us a rare glimpse into how girls watch sports, in this case it’s Game Three of the NBA Finals. Enjoy. 

Pre-Game Thoughts

Ew, why am I even watching this if Kevin Love isn’t playing?

k love

Do we hate Harrison Barnes, now?

Is bad that I immediately assumed that Draymond kicked him?

Cleveland (AKA LeBron) kinda annoys me and I also kinda love him/them.

The Warriors (AKA Chef Curry) are/is unreal. And I’m OBSESSED with his little family.

steph family

Steph’s family is #Goals for a large percentage of girls out there

I’m from Ohio, does that mean I immediately have to cheer for the Cavs? I’m still feeling very undecided.

It would be real neat if the Cavs could come back in Game 3. Can we get a Warriors vs. Thunder-esqe series? Puhlease Cleveland!

I really want/need Lebron and Curry to pop off to keep me interested.

Also, I kinda want Green to do something crazy again.

Awh wait, I miss the Thunder’s dance moves. Like a lot.

On that note, if basketball doesn’t work out for Cameron Payne, he should become someone’s hype man.

But at least we have the Warrior bench hype to keep us going #blessup.

Shump’s got new hair…I feel like that could be a good sign?

HELP, I still don’t know who to cheer for!

Klay Thompson just seems super nice and polite.

Doesn’t JR Smith look like the principal from Mean Girls?

mean girls princip-al.gif

OK, Cavs it is. Let’s go. (Because Chance the Rapper said so)

No one can really argue with the fact that CLE has the best fans because they never win anything but still rep Cleveland, HARD.

Ok-AY dis dope. (*entire city of Cleveland sings national anthem* and I cry from nearly 1000 miles away)

First Quarter Thoughts:

Hi LeBron!

Cleveland is real ready and VERY hyped.

But can we just STOP with those towels. Everyone knows they are lit-erally terrible.

Does Richard Jefferson have his initials tattooed on his arm…? Also why did he let a 8-year-old do it?

rj tat


Also, Richard Jefferson, who are you?

Ok, what is happening to the Warriors? Will this be a blowout? Not necessarily mad, but a little disappointed

Calling it now, RJ is the Game 3 MVP.

Was the national anthem actually some sort of hippie voodoo!? What was that?

I don’t want to jinx it, but I hope that this means that Delly can make an appearance. (All chicks love Delly, fact.)

Ok Timofey Mozgov is my FAV for THIS alone (mainly because this is actually all I know about him)

Chef Curry – let’s cool it with the fouls and heat up on those 3’s, honey.

I feel like the traveling rules have significantly changed since grade school CYO.

Did Klay really get hit in the thigh orrrrr………..

Either way, feel better, sweet babe.

Second Quarter Thoughts:

Harrison Barnes is a very nice, strong name.

“Thigh contusion” sure sure sure.

How do I get to be that trainer…

Draymond is the kid on the playground that VERY obviously is being mean but refuses to acknowledge that he did anything wrong.


I have a lot of questions for NBA officials, starting with “what happened to the stripes, man?”

HOLY SHIT, I forgot about Dellavedova.

I would definitely sacrifice my body to get accidentally tackled by an NBA player.

It feels very silly to me to miss a foul shot.

Who are the “Smash Brothers” *googles immediately*

Lol “Splash Brothers,” not to be confused with:

super smash.jpg

That was v pretty play

Speaking of pretty, hi Steph.

steph lol

HOW LONG did it take for JR Smith to get his ENTIRE body tattooed?

Quick rewind to “splash brothers” – it’s because Curry and Thompson are able to “splash” the net with the ball, which is a play on the Oakland A’s Bash Brothers. THIS IS THE SHIT I DO LIKE.

bash bros.jpg

Steroid city

*honest to god, I have never paid this much attention to sports before. (its normally a solid 60/40 on attention span) and I totally understand now why boys get this HYPED.

STEPH, THREE FOULS IN THE FIRST HALF. I don’t know much, but I know this is NOT ideal.

I have a hard time fully understanding basketball defense, but apparently Tristan Thompson is v good at it.

Very distracted by the bald guy that looks like the scary dude from Willy Wonka who tries to get Charlie to steal the recipes. WHO ARE YOU?

silver lol.jpg

Wow, dead on.


Holy shit, I have to pee.

Paying this much attention is hard.


I peed and missed this dude’s name. He seems important.


But yeah, I still think he looks like Slugworth from Willy Wonka.

OH – now the Cavs are “lucky” to be without Love?

Third Quarter Thoughts

I kinda forget what happened in the first 5 mins already.

I DO NOT give boys enough credit for being able to keep up with this.

Also, would like to formally apologize to every boyfriend I have yelled at for not answering my questions and for talking to you during the game.

I’m kinda sad for Steph.

I extra love when the player acts like they didn’t foul when all 56 cameras indicate otherwise.That’s the LeBron we all know and love.



Varejao was on the Cavs for like a decade, but now he plays for the Warriors.

Also, idk who is responsible for this, but GOOD ON YOU SIR.

warriors googl.jpg

Also, is Bogut wearing a hairnet?


Green is scary. I would DEFINITELY listen to him.

How the HELL are you supposed to watch the game and also process what the fuck the announcers are saying?

OMGGGG. Thanks for joining us, LeBron.

Can we classify Shumpert’s hair as a man bun?? I think so.


And also, remember when Shump DELIVERED HIS OWN CHILD. K.

Fourth Quarter Thoughts

Please keep the camera on sad Steph. He looks extra dreamy when he is sad. (Editor’s Note: barf)

This is usually the part of the game that I start paying attention, but I’m EXHAUSTED.

Richard Jefferson kinda looks like OG David West.


Everyone needs to leave Klay alone

Can I stop paying attention now? Ok cool. Goodnight.


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  1. LOVE THIS-totally relate to fly at a picnic stream of consciousness. Laughed out loud at work, calling attention to my non work related activity

    You Go Girl ……..Please post often 🙂

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