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The Japanese Are At It Again: They Just Ruined Breakfast Forever

By: Nick Boeing

Via IFLScience

What came first: the chicken, the egg, or the crazy Japanese game show?

This clip from the Japanese TV show “Gatten”shows high school students growing chicken fetuses in a glass, with barely more than a fertilized egg, a glass, an incubator, and plastic film.

The experiment is a riff on previous scientific works that have demonstrated how to develop shell-less embryos. Although this isn’t the first time, the work in this video is featured in the Japan Poultry Science Association. In the study, they explain how the culture is fed calcium and water supplements and aerated with oxygen through the plastic’s semi-permeable membrane.


Yoooooo…what the hell, Japan? What in the world do you possibly have to gain from doing this other than a stupid chicken running around in your weird science lab? First, we get the Chinese trying to steal football from us, now we’ve got Japan ruining what was once a great breakfast food by bringing it to life.

Right off the bat; why does every Japanese game show feel like a parody of itself? The graphics and everything are way too funny for the Japanese to not be self-aware at this point. Or maybe everything is supposed to come across like a weird infomercial, I don’t know.

But there’s no way you see something like this and aren’t a little freaked out every time you go to make a cheese omelet. Knowing that I could get this thing’s heartbeat going with some science has got my head spinning. Gonna have to play it safe and crack some eggs and mix that shit up as fast as I can to ensure no life springs from my heavily salted scrambled eggs. I’m basically eating scrambled brains, I guess.

Listen up, Japan; there’s a reason cartons of eggs are sold in grocery stores to the general consumers of the world. They’re for eating and for demonstrating how bike helmets save your brain, not for Frankenstein chickens to begin their reign of terror.

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