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Classic ‘Cat Friday: Start Off the Weekend by Getting Pead On

By: Nick Boeing

The more I watch these highlights, the more I realize two things: 1. That song is used in every highlight video ever 2. Isaiah Pead is one of my sneaky favorite Bearcats ever. Never got the spotlight, but the dude had over 3,000 career rushing yards in college and was really only the unquestioned starter for two years.  Every time he touched the ball, I thought he was taking it to the house. He put guys on skates then melted the ice with heat vision. Sometimes force fed d-backs some mud pies when he was feeling angry.

Unfortunately, after being a second round pick of the Rams in 2012 (first Mardy, then Isaiah…the Rams have a Bearcat fetish), Pead has lightly bounced around. Never really caught on with the Rams, went to the Steelers for three weeks and was finally signed by the Dolphins in March. Let’s hope he can stick around in Miami, get his career off the ground and start Peaing on NFL defenses.

Despite his NFL hardships, he still has a soft side.

I feel your pain on that, Isaiah. Vic was a ride or die and he…died. In loving memory of Vic Van Lier, aka, Boss Key Yacht.


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