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Justin Bieber Gets Into a Tussle After Game Three of the NBA Finals

By: JerryAnytime

TMZJustin Bieber incited the 6’5″ man who brawled with the singer by calling him a motherf***** … this according to the very large guy himself.

Lamont Richmond is the guy with whom Biebs picked the fight. We’re told this is how Lamont’s story goes … he’d just left a bar when he saw Justin outside the Westin in Cleveland. Lamont says he and his 2 chick friends chilled with Bieber for a short time.

Lamont says he dared to ask Bieber if the women could take a pic and get a John Hancock. Lamont says Bieber snapped back, “No autographs tonight, motherf*****.”

Lamont says Justin reeked of alcohol and got all Quien Es Mas Macho on him, “puffing his chest up,” and then took a swing. That was enough for Lamont.

You see Lamont restrain Bieber in the video … and says he’s sure, if he went full force, he would have killed him.

We’re told Lamont has already met with a lawyer and plans to sue. For what is anyone’s guess.

Anyone who knows me knows I love Justin Bieber. I’ve been a Belieber since Day 1, and my obsession used to be low key terrifying. I have definitely toned it down and am now able to look at the king of pop in a realistic light. JB makes straight up banger songs. That’s a fact. JB does not fight well. That’s also a fact.

I love the guy’s enthusiasm here thinking he can fight a 6’5” black guy, but I think he’s letting his $200 million dollar net worth and private jet get to his head. Looks like JB may have sipped a little too much fireball and bitten off more than he can chew. I understand, I’ve been in similar situations before. I pushed a 300+ pound bouncer in Nashville years back and the guy had me in a chokehold within 2 seconds that could have ended my life right then and there in the street.

Another factor that JB didn’t consider here is that he got into a fight in Cleveland. That has to be top 3 places in the world where you simply don’t want to get in a fight. Cleveland people are miserable people with nothing left to lose, that’s common knowledge. You don’t fight people with nothing left to lose, that’s how you end up getting fucked up with a coffee pot or getting stabbed with a fork.

P.S. I don’t give a shit if Bieber doesn’t want to take pictures with fans anymore. If I ever meet him I’m getting a picture, even if I have to duke it out for the ‘gram.


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