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Mike Breen is the NBA’s True MVP

By: Joey PUPs

mike breen.jpg

“James catches, puts up a three, won’t go, rebound Bosh, back out to Allen, his three pointer…BANG!! Tie game with five seconds remaining!!”

If you follow the NBA at all, you’re more than likely familiar with ESPN play-by-play commentator, Mike Breen. If the name isn’t ringing a bell, he’s the man with the magical voice who could make pouring cereal in the morning feel like Game 7 of the NBA Finals with his famous, “BANG!” catchphrase. He’s been the NBA’s lead commentator since 2006 and has been the voice of the Knicks for the past 19 years. As you can imagine, with all that experience, he’s been a part of some pretty exciting games, and he’ll more than likely go down as when of the GOAT sports commentators when all is said and done.

His voice stays calm throughout the game, never forcing anything, but always keeping it interesting. As enjoyable as he is throughout the game, Breen shines brighter than any other sports commentator during the last 30 seconds of a close game with the help of one word, “BANG.” His voice becomes a part of the big moment, a part of the history that is being made as millions of viewers are glued to their television. He manages to bring all the excitement of the stadium into the comfort of our own living rooms. What this man has is a gift, and it’s time we as viewers start giving respect where respect is due. Forget James, Curry, Irving and Thompson, Mike Breen is the true superstar of The Finals.

Unfortunately, Breen hasn’t been able to show off his true talents in this years Finals due to some garbage games. Hopefully for all NBA fans this will change in game four. Check out his legendary call of this peak Linsanity shot below, amazing.

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