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Drunk Tour Guide Dips Out On 60 Hikers In The Mountains Because Europe

By: JerryAnytime

The LocalThe group of 60 tourists were forced to call emergency services after they were abandoned on the side of an Austrian mountain by their drunken guide.

The Hungarian tourist group called emergency services on Saturday after their guide deserted them during the hike on the Rax Mountain in Lower Austria.

The group had planned a hike through the area on Saturday but by lunchtime one of the tourists called for help saying that his family was lost and that the guide was both drunk and currently nowhere to be found.

With bad weather setting in and the group having no idea where they were, the Austrian Mountain Rescue Services were called out to take them to safety. When mountain rescue arrived in the valley with the tour group, they ran into the tour guide who seemed to have hiked down the mountain by himself.

This guy probably had the intention to enjoy a few beers with his friends at a local pub before the hike. Get rowdy with the boys, watch some footy and relish in some bloody shenanigans. I’m pretty sure this is standard practice in Europe. I’m actually shocked to hear that the 60 hikers he abandoned were sober. I was led to believe that you’re drunk 100% of the time in Europe, that’s just a way of life, even if you plan on scaling a mountain.

This is a classic case of, “Yeah, I’ll go out for a beer or two,” only to realize a few hours later that a few beers had morphed into 12.

This story is funny because everyone involved made it out safely. If one person would have died on this mountain I wouldn’t be able to write about this without looking like an asshole, and we’d have to send this fella off to prison. Luckily for me and the tour guide though, no one died, thus we can talk about how this is the power move of the century.

(Editor’s note: that didn’t stop Jerry here, though.)

I feel like most of us have had a day at work/school where we wanted to do something similar. This guy took it to the extreme by abandoning over 60 people on a mountain in rural Austria, but you get the point. One tourist probably asked one stupid question too many, and this guy had just flat out had enough. This is taking being #done with something to the next level. The second he thought about going back to the pub for a few more lagers, it was over, and that I can respect. Classic drunk guy logic to the max.

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