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The PUP List Minnow Tank: Invention Idea – Venmo 4 Hobos

By: Alex Marcheschi

To be transparent, yes this is kind of stealing from Big Cat, but I think if we acknowledge that, it’s OK. (If you’ve never seen the video below, watch it, one of the funniest YouTube videos I’ve ever seen).

I’m always thinking about random inventions throughout the day. Here’s the first one for the blog:

Venmo 4 Hobos

*For those who don’t know, Venmo is a smartphone app that allows you to easily pay your friends by simply pressing a few buttons. 

Whenever I get to go in to the city, I always notice how busy everyone in the Big Apple is. There are people walking with headphones in, people texting and walking right in to the middle of traffic, crazy guys yelling about diamonds in the sky, guys with two phones, people ordering street meat while jotting down stock market trends…it all leads to one problem: Nobody has time for hobos anymore.

Before smartphones, people used to be able to stop and give a hobo a dollar or two. Now? No one even thinks about it. That’s why we need Venmo 4 Hobos.

venmo new logo.jpg


The libraries of NYC could step up and donate a few old desktop computers to every homeless shelter and soup kitchen. Hobos could then wait in line and set up their own Venmo 4 Hobos account. We just need MasterCard or somebody to sponsor the idea. So, big banker guys of the world, if you see this…don’t be a bitch, bro.

Once the hobos have an account and username set up, all they need is a piece of cardboard, a sharpie and some creativity. The cooler the name the hobo thinks of, the more cash he or she gets. Admit it, people would definitely donate money to hobos who thought of unreal usernames.

better hobo

Just a thought…give it some consideration. We can change the world, one Venmo 4 Hobos account at a time.


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