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Vegas is Getting an NHL Team, Gary Bettman Does Money Dance

gary bettman

Via Chris Bawden

By: Nick Boeing


The NHL has settled on Las Vegas as its choice for expansion, provided organizers can come up with a $500 million fee, sources told ESPN’s Scott Burnside.

The league’s board of governors is scheduled to hold a formal vote during its meeting on June 22. Two-thirds of the board must approve the recommendation.

Quebec City was also considered for expansion, but a person who had been briefed on the decision told The Associated Press, which previously reported the decision, that Las Vegas was a “done deal” after the recommendation of the NHL’s executive committee.

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING. Sports are finally moving to Sin City babaaaayyyyy! Huge news, huuuuugggeeee news. All it’s gonna take is a little $500 million donation from some nice people and we’re good to go, that’s all.

Admittedly, I’m not a big hockey guy. In fact, I’m not a hockey guy at all. I’ve been watching the Raiders closely since there’s been some chatter about them heading to Vegas, gotta stay ahead of the curve. I hope to God football gets there ASAP. But, since I have no stake in the NHL, I would buy as much of a Vegas team’s apparel as possible. Book it.

Admittedly, again, I am very pro-gambling and getting any pro team in Vegas is a tremendous step toward the legalization of all kinds of sports gambling. Now we just need minority sports execs and moral high ground assholes get their heads out of their asses. Vegas needs high-level professional sports teams like I need insulin before meals. Can you imagine the pageantry and spectacle a Vegas-based team would put on for the pregame, halftime and postgame? The team and game could be awful, doesn’t matter. It’d be like in Limitless when Bradley Cooper first took those pills and you went on a cinematic acid trip, but the real Bradley Cooper was just some smelly, shitty writer (*editor’s note – hey man, watch it). Just an eye-opening, colorful scene.

I guarantee in 15-20 years, the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS and, obviously, NHL will all have at least one team located in the Capital of Second Chances. I could even see it becoming a two-team type of city. It may not be as big as New York or Los Angeles, but it’s big enough based on tourism and gambling alone. When the last of those leagues gets a team there, refer back to this blog post and kiss my feet.

kiss my feet

Not exactly a bold prediction, but you heard it here first. We’ll have team names like the Blackouts, the 8-Balls, the Dealers (couple different meanings here, eh, eh, eh?), the Hookers and, probably, FC Las Vegas or Las Vegas United. Soccer people are creative.


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