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LeBron Swatting Steph Last Night Was a Historic NBA Moment

By: Alex Marcheschi

LeBron pretty much never talks any sort of trash on the court. When he did that last night, it was historic, our children’s children will know about that block. Steph had no shot at getting that layup off, LeBron blocked it with such ease that it was almost shocking. And then to see him start screaming right at Steph afterward was almost too much. In that moment, LeBron was able to shut down any argument that Steph is better than him. That was the dumbest widely believed sports take in a WHILE, maybe since people used to believe that Colin Kaepernick was the future.

That’s about all I really need in an NBA moment. This might be our generation’s Scottie shitting on Ewing, except on a bigger scale. LeBron just blatantly disrespected everything Steph stands for there, and it was the most aggressive shitting upon since Scottie did Ewing like so below.

In order for Steph to salvage his reputation (thanks to the shoe release, his wife losing her mind on social media and MouthguardGate), he’s going to have to drop 50 in Game 7 and get the W.

And he could DEFINITELY do that, I’m scared. I could see Steph tapping into another level in Game 7, his rep is tarnished right now and he can make people forget about this with a huge game. Either he’ll have a historically terrible game or a historically great game. There’s no middle ground, the universe is finally turning on the Warriors and it’s beautiful.

I’m not absolutely stupid though, I know the Warriors could easily still win. I’m going to ignore that though, check out this hype video below that compares LeBron to the big pimp Lion on campus. Unreal.

It’s true, society got too tired of LeBron’s dominance and we stopped appreciating it. His past two games are the stuff of legend. I’ve never been more excited for a sporting event. Let’s go.

p.s. check out these stats

LeBron’s Game Five – 41 pts, 7 asts, 16 rebs

LeBron’s Game Six – 41 pts, 11 asts, 8 rebs




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