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LeBron’s Legacy Will Drastically Swing No Matter What Happens Tonight

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By: Alex Marcheschi

One could make a very real argument that tonight’s Game Seven is the most important NBA game ever. There are many “legacies” on the line – from LeBron, to Steph, to Dray, and so on…serious reputations will be solidified tonight. While we could dive into every detail, we’re just going to focus on what this game means for LeBron. Spoiler alert: it means everything.

If the Cavs win…

LeBron will have reached the Finals for six straight years, winning half of them. While that may not seem overwhelmingly impressive, bringing Cleveland a championship is worth about two rings by itself. Cleveland could very well burn to the ground tonight if the Cavs win, and I’m not joking at all.

LeBron will have orchestrated potentially the most impressive series comeback in the history of sports. The ’04 Red Sox have the right to throw their hat in the ring, but that was in the ALCS, not the World Series. This very Warriors team already challenged this title by coming back and beating the Thunder, but again, it wasn’t in the championship.

LeBron can essentially hold up the vaunted double birds to the world. This whole season he played second fiddle to Steph, and he wasn’t happy about it. If he throws up another 40 pointer tonight, making it three straight 40+ point games to clinch a title for his hometown, that’s up there in the ranks of best sports accomplishments ever.

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If the Cavs lose…

LeBron will be 2 for 6 in his last six Finals appearances. That just doesn’t sound good, plain and simple.

If Steph goes off and the Warriors win, the media will go right back to their love affair with him and all the Curry 2, Ayesha and foul-out talk will never be heard again.

LeBron may enter a very strange emotional state. We all know how emotionally fragile he can get, and I would hate to see what this loss would do to him. I actually don’t even want to think about it…so many bad things could happen. The 2 for 6 thing would be hammered home by First Take and the like, and LeBron will have to enter villain mode again like he did early on in his Miami days.

Drama City….shit, I’m nervous.

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