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LeBron Was Passive Aggressively Murdering People in His Presser Last Night

By: Alex Marcheschi

We all know that LeBron is the subtweet king, but his press conference last night was legendary because he was subtweeting everyone in real life. (Before the internet this was just called being passive aggressive).

My favorite move he pulled was bringing out his daughter during the presser:

She dominated Riley Curry in terms of poise, maturity and behavior. She just sat there looking like a tired baby while LeBron soaked up the best night of his life. She didn’t make the show all about her. Even LeBron’s baby is better than Steph’s baby.

Then he decided to ether every writer in the room who made fun of him for saying that he was watching The Godfather during the series. A+ trolling by the King, I really don’t even think the majority of the writers in the room realized he was shitting on them to their face. He really brought up Couples Retreat in his post-Finals presser, amazing.

It’s genuinely hilarious when people try to argue that LeBron is dumb. Like I wrote earlier, he’s the most calculated player the NBA has ever seen. Every move he makes has been well thought out. He commandeered the Cavs’ coaching situation, roster, uniforms and in-arena music and made it all work magically. It’s officially time to roast all the people who think LeBron is dumb at the stake. I don’t care if you hate him, that’s completely fine, just acknowledge that he’s a genius. I myself am a convert, and I have to say, it feels great. SVP summed it up quite well last night.

p.s. LeBron also said that the Knicks literally gave the Cavs JR Smith for free…yikes. Baaaad look for the Knicks.

***UPDATE*** The Troll King struck again. I’m now convinced LeBron would be a great blogger too. “Ultimate Warrior” t shirt with a Kermit sipping tea hat? That’s the holy grail of internet trolling in real life. I love this strategy.

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