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The Warriors are the Seahawks

By: Alex Marcheschi

After taking the country by storm this season, the Warriors lost in game seven after leading the series 3-1 last night. After all the hype around Golden State and their heart-wrenching choke job, I couldn’t help but think about the Seattle Seahawks. The way the Seahawks lost that game was just as brutal as this Golden State collapse, and for some reason the teams seem like mirror images of each other.

There are some serious comparisons all over the board, from Russell Wilson & Ciara to Steph & Ayesha and the epic trolls who are Draymond and Richard Sherman. We’ll highlight all of the comparisons below.

Steph & Ayesha are Russell Wilson & Ciara 

steph russ.jpg

Just all up in America’s face with their relationships, give us some space guys, jeez. Also Russell and Steph just seem perfect for each other.

Draymond is Richard Sherman

dray rich

Both absolute beasts on defense, both absolute douchebags.

The Bandwagon Warrior Guys are the “12th Man”

12th man

Look at how crispy all that gear is.

Steve Kerr is Pete Carroll

kerr side by.jpg

Smug Warning in Effect

Klay Thompson is Marshawn Lynch

klay marshawn.jpg

The only saving grace of each team. Both great players, no reason to hate them.

I’m too tired to keep making these pictures, but here are some more quick comparisons: The Legion of Boom are the Splash Brothers, Harrison Barnes is Byron Maxwell and the Warriors bench guys are the Seahawks receivers. That’s all I got.


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