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College Baseball Bro Takes A Shower Midgame

By: JerryAnytime

SB NationArizona was in the middle of its College World Series game against Oklahoma State, but apparently there was some non-baseball business to take care of — Cody Deason needed to wash his hair. Fortunately for him, teammate Sawyer Gieseke was there to help out.

Yes, that is a little dugout shower. Shampoo and all. Why was there a dugout shower happening during the middle of a College World Series game? Clearly because someone’s hair needed washing, that’s why.

Look good, play good. Hard to look better than a guy whose hair is fresh and clean in the third inning.

I think the one calling I missed in life was to play college baseball. Even though I once struck out 11 times in a single game and pretty much can’t make contact with a softball, I still think I’d be a dope ass college baseball player because of the hijinks and shenanigans.


These vines and videos have escalated since the beginning. Every single video seems to be trying to one up the last one, but I love it. If you can’t enjoy some athletes having fun, then stop reading this blog ASAP because you’re 50 years old and probably my father. While I think it’s all fun and games, it’s only a matter of time until people start getting expelled or kicked off the team for this stuff. One second it’s throwing water cups over your eyeballs, the next it’s putting your actual balls on national television to one up your buddy. Huge slippery slope here.

This shows how genuinely boring baseball is. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball, I love hot dogs, I love beer, and I love the Reds. I’m a god damn American. But good lord… when the Reds are this bad, watching a baseball game is pure torture. It’s basically 3 hours of me refreshing Twitter and seeing how fast I can drink a Budweiser.

P.S. The joke about striking out 11 times is true. I was on a decent baseball team in elementary school & we played a city tournament game that lasted 15 innings and I struck out 11 or 12 times. The one time I actually made contact with the ball it went no more than 3 inches in front of home plate. Luckily, I’m like Billy Hamilton and I had some fucking wheels so I’m pretty sure that resulted in a double. No big deal.

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