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If KD Goes to Golden State, LeBron Hate will Officially be Invalid

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By: Nick Boeing

Bleacher Report – Kevin Durant is in line to be one of the most coveted free agents to ever hit the market, and a report Tuesday suggests the Golden State Warriors are the team to watch, provided Durant doesn’t re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, a source said the four-time NBA scoring champion favors the Dubs on the heels of their second consecutive NBA Finals appearance.

Isola also reported, however, there is a “strong sense” the 27-year-old megastar could sign a two-year deal that includes a one-year opt-out with the Thunder, similar to what LeBron James did with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Let me start off by saying that this whole scenario needs a dump truck of salt loaded onto it.

Let me now say that Kevin Durant is one of my favorite players in the NBA. I’ve loved KD since the day he stepped onto the court as a Longhorn. He’s a once in a lifetime talent and I absolutely respect him in interviews because he’s not afraid to be real. But, if this report is true and he skips town on OKC for Golden State or even San Antonio, I will hate him forever.

“Oh, but Nick, you dumbass piece of shit, LeBron did the same thing and you still rooted for him.” That’s an argument we’ll see a lot if this happens, but this would be a completely different move for a number of reasons. It’s one thing to team up with the hopes of winning multiple championships, it’s another to bolt to a proven, record-breaking, championship caliber team.

The Miami Heat went 47-35 and were the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference the year before LBJ came to town; not exactly a team taking the league by storm. They had Dwayne Wade and that’s it. The Warriors, as everyone knows, just went 73-9 and shit on everyone during the regular season. They have three legitimate All-Stars that consist of: a two-time MVP, two of the best shooters of all-time, one of the best two-way two guards in the league, a constant triple-double threat and a runner-up for Defensive Player of the Year. Out of those three guys, two of them received MVP votes (obviously one of them did) and all three were on an All-NBA team.

Kevin Durant alone has won an MVP and has made multiple All-NBA and All-Star teams so going to the Warriors would be the softest move in the history of soft moves. Right up there with baseball banning running over the catcher.

This wouldn’t be forming a mega-team; this is going on to 2K and turning off salary cap restrictions and turning on trade overrides to try and go undefeated. I did this many times back in the day so I could get T-Mac, Vince Carter, Melo and Ben Wallace all on the same team. God, what a creamy dream team.

I get it; Golden State just lost in the Finals so the record barely means a thing a now. But it’s not like this is all of a sudden a bad team. The Cavs were a freight train of coal and steam and the Warriors were a sleek, new super train that was bound to get in an accident. I would absolutely put money on GS going back to the Finals next year. Hell, I’d put money on them to win it,  even if they do lose Harrison Barnes. In fact, they’d probably win without that idiot.

KD has no excuse to leave OKC. “Well, he wants rings.” Cool, me too. But look how close they were to making it to the Finals this year. That team is a shooting guard better than Dion Waiters away from being even more dangerous. LeBron had a 38-year-old Shaq on his team the year before he went to Miami. There’s a vast difference in that and KD having Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and two above average centers in Steven Adams and Enes Kanter; one’s good on defense, one’s good on offense so they balance out.

Sure, the Decision was an awful decision (ha), but even if KD takes an unassuming Smart Car to quietly roll into Oakland, he becomes an even bigger villain than LeBron ever could be. You don’t leave a team set up for success with the 4th best record in the league to join a team with the best record in the league.

I will say, I’m all for KD leaving, it just depends on where he goes. Warriors or Spurs = bad. It’d be smart to go to a team like Boston or Washington. Boston is already a playoff team without him and has one of the best coaches in the league. Washington was a .500 team this year and has two young studs in John Wall and Bradley Beal (if they re-sign him). Plus, I’m a big fan of the whole playing for your hometown team thing. Poor Derrick Rose.

Ultimately, KD has to do what he feels is best for him. If he feels that’s to sign with the Warriors, I hope he’s ready for the backlash. He’s going to get a piece of his soul ripped out when he loses me as a fan.

I personally think he’ll end up back with the Thunder, but only for a year or two. You just never know for sure what athletes are gonna do and Golden State sure does look enticing. Plz don’t do it, Kev. Think about our dear, sweet Jerry.

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