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Classic ‘Cat Friday: Bow Down to the GOAT Sean Kilpatrick

By: Nick Boeing

In honor of the NBA Finals coming to a close in fantastic fashion, I decided a switch up to basketball would be appropriate. Enjoy the wizard that is SK.

Gotdamn. Kilpatrick is the absolute best Bearcat in recent memory. Guys like Lance Stephenson and Jermaine Lawrence were highly touted prospects that came and barely farted in the gym before they left. SK was infinitely smarter than these two and stuck around for four years to hone his skills. And by God, did it work out. As a junior and senior, there wasn’t a time he shot a three where I didn’t go, “Bang-bang.” It wasn’t just his silky stroke either. He was an all-around scorer and got the ball in the hoop however he saw fit. He could fight through contact, pull up for a smooth mid-range jumper or, occasionally, cram one down with authority.
He went undrafted and has bounced around the NBA and D-League for a couple years, but he’s seemed to finally catch on with the Brooklyn Nets. And I’m gonna say this right now: Every NBA team that hasn’t given SK a chance is gonna be unhappy about it. Every video I’ve watched of him in the D-League or in his new job as a bench scorer for the Nets has me completely convinced that the man has gotten better at every aspect of how he plays his game. He’s never gonna pull down a bunch of boards, dish out 5+ assists or generally stuff the stat sheet, but when he catches fire, it takes about four firetrucks to cool him down. He’ll probably be a starter for the Nets next season (if they’re smart), which is good and bad. Good for exposure, bad because the Nets are clearly rebuilding and stupidly traded away a bunch of first-round picks a couple of years ago. Gonna be no sleep at all in Brooklyn for awhile.
‘BLINDED BY LOVE’ PREDICTION ALERT!! SK will eventually develop into one of the league’s best sixth men and could possibly win the award somewhere down the line for the right team. Think of him as a Jamal Crawford type of player. Calling it right now.

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