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Did LeBron Pull A Michael Scott and Promise $87 Million Dollars of College Tuition For Akron Kids?

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By: JerryAnytime

NY POST — LeBron James is giving back to his hometown of Akron, and the dollar figure on his commitment is staggering.

The Cavaliers superstar has teamed with the University of Akron to give four-year scholarships to any child who completes his “I Promise” campaign.

The annual tuition is $9,500, so it’s a $38,000 commitment to each student who qualifies. There are currently 1,100 kids in the program, and 1,200 more are expected to be added in the next four years, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Quick math puts the total for 2,300 kids at $38,000 each at just over $87 million.

“It’s the reason I do what I do,” James told reporters while announcing the program Thursday at an event for students at Cedar Point Amusement Park. “These students have big dreams, and I’m happy to do everything I can to help them get there. They’re going to have to earn it, but I’m excited to see what these kids can accomplish knowing that college is in their futures.”

The criteria for the scholarship are still to be determined, but the students will be expected to reach certain grade point averages and graduate from an Akron public high school. The LeBron James Family Foundation is going to work with the university over the next five years to raise the money needed for the inaugural class, entering in 2021.

“If you are one of LeBron’s kids,” UA President Scott Scarborough said, “we want to tell you you have a college scholarship waiting for you at the University of Akron when you graduate from high school.”

Can’t help but immediately think back on easily the most cringe worthy episode of The Office after reading this. Unlike Michael Scott though, I can easily see LeBron following through with this promise, and its for a legitimately good cause. It’s nice to see uplifting stories like this when the majority of my blogs are about alligators and death.

LeBron signed a deal with Nike that is valued at over 1 billion dollars over the course of his lifetime. Even with all his endorsements and actual NBA salary, an $87 million dollar promise is no small chunk of change. It’s good to see LeBron giving back to the community. Unfortunately for these kids, they have to go to the University of Akron. He’s sending thousands of kids off to become Akron Kangaroos. I don’t think I’ve ever written anything that’s had less of a ring to it. I’m from Ohio and the only way I could tell you where Akron is if I threw a dart at a map and got lucky.

I know what you’re thinking right now. “Jerry acted like he liked LeBron for 4 days and now he’s going to go back to shitting on his life.” Well, I’m here to tell you first, you’re not completely wrong. I may have gone a little overboard with my blog on Monday about LeBron. I was vulnerable. I was feeling emotional because deep down I realized how similar Cleveland and Cincinnati really are, and how hungry both cities are/were for championships. It took less than 48 hours for LeBron to say some cringe worthy shit at the championship parade and it seems the guy simply cannot give credit where credit is due. Nevertheless, I can talk shit about LeBron off the court all I want still, but on the court he is the king.

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