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Draymond Green Is The New Wave of NBA Player, Not Steph

draymond high five

By: Brandon Howard

A couple of things had to go right for LeBron James to win his third NBA championship. Draymond getting suspended in game five was one of them, and the other was Andrew Bogut injuring his knee. If, and that’s a big if, these two things don’t happen then maybe things may have turned out differently.

All of that doesn’t matter though because we saw LeBron hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy and we saw JR wander through the streets of Vegas and Cleveland shirtless in his game shorts for three straight days. What does matter is that big men played a very crucial role in the Finals and not having Bogut and Draymond out there helped LeBron get into a groove that no other player has ever had in the Finals.

The NBA Draft showed that GMs and front office execs across the NBA noticed how effective those big men were against LeBron and they showed it last night by drafting more forwards and centers than guards.

34 of the 60 draft picks last night were big guys and that’s not including the guard/forward combo players like Brandon Ingram, Dragan Bender and Denzel Valentine.

Draymond Green has started a new wave and that new wave is having a big that can do it all. Score, pass, defend, rebound and most importantly be TOUGH. Even young centers coming into the league are trying to impress teams with their three point shooting.

Now we all know there is only one Draymond, but what makes him so special to the Warriors is his confidence and ability to guard any position on the floor. Tristan Thompson is no Draymond, but his ability to guard Steph and follow him on the court provided more flexibility for the Cavaliers’ defense.

The number one pick this year came down to a choice of styles of play. Either you choose Ben Simmons who has the potential to be a top 5 player in a few years and the ability to do what Draymond does, or you choose a guard/forward combo player who imitates his game after Kevin Durant. We all know the Sixers Organization is not the best operated franchise in sports right now, but even they know not to say no to new wave of the NBA. The back to the basket bigs are a thing of the past, its time to accept the new wave and face up to the basket like Draymond.

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