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Jay-Z is BACK: His “I Got The Keys” Music Video Appearance is His Best Since “Otis”

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Jay-Z brought the music video HEAT with Future and DJ Khaled for the first time since the “Otis” video

By: Alex Marcheschi

Your dude is back! Jay-Z just put every living rapper in a Full Nelson with those bars. That video is absolute gold too, Jay-Z seems to be ready to do some serious social commentary and defending of the Throne after his wife bodied him (strictly business) with her last album. Jay-Z definitely OK’d Lemonade and knew it would put him back in the limelight. It was like LeBron stepping over Draymond, it was risky but it’s paying off BIG.

I think Tidal (Jay-Z’s premium music and video streaming service) will actually be the best thing to ever happen to HOV fans. With two straight heaters after “I Got The Keys” and “Drug Dealers Anonymous” just a few weeks ago, these young bois must be scared. He’s making music so good that people are actually starting to download his app, and after getting made fun of for the app and his marital status lately, he’s ready to throw some hay-makers. Drake has been getting real cocky by comparing himself to Jay-Z recently, and I’m sure HOV is feeling a little bit like LeBron. While Drake is amazing, he’s still the Steph Curry of the game when compared to Jay. All this HOV hubbub got me thinking about his best music video ever (IMO) – the “Otis” music video.

I don’t think it can get any cooler than opening up a music video with the arguable best rapper of all time walking up to a Maybach with an industrial blowtorch. I feel like we all got a rare look into Jay and Kanye’s relationship in this music video. They looked like they were genuinely having a blast when the filmed this. I actually blew out the speakers to my first car when “Watch The Throne” came out. It might be my favorite rap CD ever.

You know Kanye thought out this entire music video and had to convince Jay-Z it would be amazing. “Hey Jay, lets destroy a Maybach, take the doors off and whip it around with four white models illegally strapped in the back seat….sound good?”

He probably said no at first, like “no man I have a wife and a kid now, I can’t really risk you flipping this car with no doors and I don’t want the blood of four Caucasian models on my hands”…but they made it happen and I’m sure glad they did. Happy Fourth of July week everyone, I’m not really sure why there’s an American Flag featured so prominently in the video, but it looks cool.

p.s. the best part of the “Otis” video might be the subtle Aziz Ansari appearances (like at the 2:33 mark)

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