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Is the New “Ghostbusters” PR Team Hammered Drunk?

By: Alex Marcheschi

Have you ever looked back on a text message conversation and just thought, “Wow, how did I possibly think those were a good idea?” I really hope the PR team behind the new “Ghostbusters” movie has been on like a 100 day bender. It’s unbelievable how terrible the movie looks.

Nick just wrote about how terrible of a decision it was to hire Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot to make a promo song for the movie here and he hit the nail on the head. The weird thing is that I decided to write about this too last night after I saw this ABOMINATION of a commercial.

Not even kidding, that is truly the worst commercial I have ever seen. For a visual aid, here is a picture that encapsulates my feelings after first witnessing that:

papa john.jpg

Papa John is drunk. The Ghostbusters PR team is drunk. And I am now drunk at 11:24 on a Tuesday morning after seeing that damn commercial.

#RIP IN PEACE to the new Ghostbusters

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