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Malcom Gladwell Got Dominated by The Cubes on Bill Simmons’ Show Last Night

By: Alex Marcheschi

Last week I wrote about Bill Simmons’ new show here, I said I was going to give it another chance, so I did last night. It wasn’t terrible last night either, but it was the classic case of famous writers trying to seem super smart. Not only did ole Billy deep dive into some intellectual stuff, but he brought out the living, breathing anonymous r/conspiracy Reddit account that is Malcom Gladwell. I saw this type of stuff coming after he dedicated a whole section of his website to “tech” news…gross.

For those who don’t know, Malcom Gladwell is basically a god to journalism school kids. I think it’s BS, though. Gladwell has the perfect smart sounding name and that’s why he’s so popular. It just sounds cool to say “I read Gladwell.” That’s my hot take for the day. All you need to know about him is this: he wrote a book called, “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.”

Put down the peace pipe, bro. 


Just kidding, I’ve never actually read anything he’s written just because every time I hear someone reference a “Gladwell piece,” I start barfing like someone spiked my Kool-Aid with ipecac. You want me to respect you? Be a billionaire and own an NBA team. I’ll take The Cubes over Gladwell in a trivia contest, money contest, fist fight AND jumper shooting contest.

Honestly, though, watch the interview at the top. It doesn’t seem bad for Gladwell at all, but that was basically the only part they could put on the internet because it was the only part where Cuban didn’t look visibly pissed at Gladwell for being ignorant. (The whole interview can be seen here if you have HBO, if you can watch it, I would just to listen to how Cuban handled it). I don’t think Gladwell made one single point that Cuban wasn’t able to absolutely shut down after that initial Adam Silver-shrink comparison .

Sorry Malcom, Cuban just did mental wind sprints right through your skull, try again. I used to dislike the Cubes, but he legitimately keeps it real as hell. No hate at all from me, anytime somebody works a self-righteous journalist like this, I’m ALL FOR IT.

Cuban genuinely made Gladwell look like this college student on this Fox News Show. He just kept saying idealistic, preposterously impossible things to Cuban. When you come at the Cubes, you best come prepared bro, now you look like a little girl.

p.s. I’m still tryong to go Bonito fishing with him.

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  1. Hey Alex,

    Surprise, shock and disappointment regarding the endorsement of Super Cuber!

    Blood is thicker than water; and, I side with K-Mart yo!

    Much Love & 2 Fingers,

    Big PUPpy

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