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This Woman Started Randomly Belting Out the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial and She Absolutely KILLED It

By: Alex Marcheschi

Power. Moves. Only.

Talk about confidence, you just walk into one of the most famous monuments in the world and start singing the National Anthem because the acoustics are perfect? Genius. She’ll probably get a record deal after that.

I might just walk into Google headquarters and start blogging.

She was so good that people stopped dead in their tracks and just stared at her. That’s the stuff of legend, get ready for a hot take…she’s got a better voice than Beyonce. Yeah, I said it. Apparently she goes by “G. Star Swain.”

I wish The PUP List had some extra cash because I’d start a record label RIGHT NOW and let G. Star take us to the promised land. #TeamGStar

p.s. that honestly might be the best anthem I’ve ever heard, eat your heart out Whitney.


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