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Kevin Durant Just Wants to Watch the World Burn…Only Problem is He’s Soft

By: Alex Marcheschi

Some men just want to watch the world burn. 

Kevin Durant is one of those men. For those who don’t know, he left the Thunder for the Warriors today.

The only problem is Durant is the most sensitive player in the game.


Personally this hurts me. I’ve had a KD poster on my wall like a little fan boy since my freshman year of college.


He’s a revolutionary player. The black Dirk with more athleticism, better defense and better handles. Unstoppable. The fact that he is on the same team as Steph, Klay and Dray is unfathomable. LOOK AT THAT ROSTER.


They are easily the best team ever assembled now. This is amazing. The pressure is on big time though, and he doesn’t handle the media well. Maybe Draymond will have to do all the talking for KD now too. Shit’s wild fam.

They might rename The Fourth of July “Durant Day.” Steal the show man, steal the show.

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