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My Spidey Senses are Tingling: D Wade is Going to Sign with The Cavs

By: Alex Marcheschi

Last year, D Wade’s dad was seen wearing a Cavs shirt on Father’s Day. It got the pot simmering just a little bit. Now, however, things are starting to really heat up.

d wade.png

Yesterday, after Durant went to the Warriors, Dwyane Wade tweeted this:

d wade tweet.png

Oh yeah, Wade was at Game Seven too, cheering on his brother in a groutfit.

You can’t tell me this isn’t happening, we already know the salary cap doesn’t matter to the Cavs. Dan Gilbert has proven he’s willing to spend whatever it takes to put the best product on the court and keep LeBron happy. Also, I’m sure LeBron would be cool with paying him under the table if it comes to that. We’ve already seen his mob boss moves break out this summer.

It also can’t be ignored that they just went on vacation with each other, they obviously talked about work.

lbj vaca

Welcome to Cleveland, Dwyane.


Apparently Wade caught a flight to Cleveland last night. There’s lots of speculation flying around the internet, and it was basically all started by this tweet from a private jet company:

We’ll keep you posted throughout the day, but it’s really looking like the Cavs might land Wade.



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