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Classic ‘Cat Friday: Ben Mauk – QB, Savior, Teacher, MD

By: Nick Boeing

Ben Mauk was the man who started it all, and by that I mean the four or five-year successful run that UC had in football. Granted, he was no Tony Pike or even Zach Collaros, but it was that fateful year back in ’07 (holy shit, NINE YEARS ago) when UC football was temporarily put on the map. Known as the ‘Bionic Man,’ you couldn’t talk Ben Mauk back then without someone bringing up how his arm was basically torn off at Wake Forest and how he was defying the odds by playing at such a high level again. All that good crap.

Mauk was basically an early test version of Zach Collaros. He could make all the throws, but he’d take off for some weirdly effective white QB runs. In his one year at UC he threw for over 3,000 yards and 31 touchdowns, in addition to his 377 yards rushing and three rushing touchdowns. Looking at his stats, he even punted once for 36 yards. A true iron man. He went on to play for the Cincinnati Commandos in the Continental Indoor Football League where he led them to championship in 2010 and won the MVP the same year when he threw for 52 touchdowns.

Mauk is now 31 years old and, I think, retired from all forms of football. Wait, going live right now, just found his LinkedIn profile. Can’t decide if I should connect or not. Will have to sleep on it. Turns out he’s now a high school teacher in Missouri and it looks like he has a baby. Could be a niece or nephew, though, don’t wanna assume. I can’t think of a better man to mold the minds of our future. What a guy.

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