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Cardale Jones Will End Up Being the Best QB from the 2016 NFL Draft Class

By: Alex Marcheschi

Remember when Ohio State’s third string quarterback came in and absolutely SMOKED Wisconsin 59-0 and then made Nick Saban look like a grade school DB coach?

Remember when said QB was 6’5″ and 250 lbs? Remember when he had shocking mobility and an absolute cannon for an arm?

Remember Cardale Jones?

It’s not often that someone just comes in cold turkey and truly puts a team on his back and wills them to a national championship. Sure he didn’t have the best year ever last year, but let’s be honest Tom Brady was kind of a shitty college QB. This is another boiling-hot take from me, but I’ll take Cardale over any other QB that was drafted this past year. Even if I had never seen him play, I’d take a guy named “Cardale Jones” over some weirdos named “Carson Wentz” or “Jared Goff” any day. Those are two legendarily trash QB names and they will both be busts because of it, IMO. Not only does Jones have all the physical traits NFL scouts drool over (height, weight, arm strength, mobility), he’s about as confident as they come.

‘Dale went right at Ronda Rousey in the height of Rousey-mania…watch the video below, Rousey was 100% into it. This was pre-KO Rousey. She was America’s “It” girl and Dale went for the the off-the-backboard alley-oop. SHOOT YOUR SHOT ‘DALE!!!

His play reminds of another college quarterback that once played in the great state of Ohio.

Jones is the black Big Ben with all the skills, plus a National Championship, minus all the rapey vibes. Look at their height, weight and 40 time comparison…pretty wild.

cardale height weight

cardale 40

It also isn’t irrelevant that Cardale will be playing in a cold-weather, blue-collar city like Big Ben does. Buffalo was the perfect spot for Jones, he could win that starting job quite easily and the people there will love his style of play. He’s built for the cold weather too.

Big Ben was playing against the MAC in college and ‘Dale was doing it against the supposed best defense in the Big 10 and the vaunted Crimson Tide. People were saying that if he left school after the title run he would’ve been a second round draft pick, but he came back for one more year and went in the fourth.

Many were turned off by Jones’ underwhelming/lackluster last year playing for the Bucks, but we have to keep a few things in mind. There’s a lot going on with ‘Dale, and to me, he’s the most interesting player from this past year’s draft. I’m just going to defend my boi here in the form of some bullet points. I’m all in on Dale as a pro bowl NFL quarterback, and you should be too.

  • Know who else failed to live up to huge expectations right away after making huge noise in the state of Ohio? LeBron James. Look at him now.

Gotta give people some time, we’re all human after all. Can’t blame Cardale for struggling while coming off of arguably the most impressive feat in college football history while also dealing with Urban’s controversial two QB offense. Matt Cassel got drafted without even taking a snap in college for Pete’s sake.

  • Many look at Cardale’s lack of experience as a red flag, but what if it’s actually more impressive that he led OSU to that title with essentially no experience?

Think about it like this: What would be more impressive – Mark Cuban inventing the next great app or your 17-year-old neighbor who you’ve never heard talk inventing the next great app?

  • What if struggling last year gave Cardale some experience that no one else in the draft had? 

When OSU is good, they have the most intense college football fans in the country and it’s really not even close. The amount of pressure that Cardale was under is hard to fathom. He’s the only kid from last year’s draft that can even compare his college experience to that of a starting NFL QB. The Buckeye’s are Columbus’ NFL team.

  • Again, you can’t ignore the basic fact that he’s essentially a defensive end playing QB with a laser-rocket arm. He’s the perfect prototypical QB for Buffalo weather. 

Can’t watch those two videos and not say he’s the best QB prospect from last year’s draft. Need a ‘Dale Bills jersey ASAP. In honor of Jones’ immense size and potential, I’m starting the internet group #DalesWhales today. Hop on while there’s still seats available.





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