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Kobe and Tim Duncan: Two Legends With Two Extremely Different Retirement Strategies

kobe td

By: Alex Marcheschi

Two absolute legends, five rings each, both retiring at the end of the same season. While they share all that in common, they could not have gone about retirement in more different ways. One a polarizing, controversial, undeniably jaw-dropping talent who made his retirement a season-long celebration…the other a “boring,” fundamental Lamboghini mechanic on the boards who couldn’t care less what you think.

Kobe and Duncan will both go down in the history books as legends, but I will always remember Duncan a little more fondly after these last few Kobe years. The Lakers absolutely sucked and Kobe was just trying to jack his career point total up as much as possible during this last stretch. I’ll remember Kobe for looking like he felt the same way I felt the last time I went to a college bar when he had to play with D’Angelo.kobe dangelo.jpg

I’ll remember him for this Ghostbuster’s commercial:

And this picture of him “hanging out” *cough, doing weed, cough* with Snoop:

That’s what the internet does to my attention span…so what if he’s the second-best shooting guard of all-time? I’ll remember him for his noteworthy career decisions that made waves on social media during the later years of his career.

As for Duncan, since all he really did in the public eye was play basketball, that’s all I’ll really remember him for. Luckily, he was really good at it.

I called him a Lamborghini mechanic earlier because I feel like he knows every possible detail about the luxuriously dynamic shot that is the bank shot. He’s a specialist and he turned a shot into a legendary career.

Kobe and Duncan are both legends in their own ways, they just took vastly different paths to earn that status. It’ll be very strange to watch the NBA without them next year, but something tells me there will be enough drama to keep us all entertained.

P.S. Charles and Reggie are so obviously #salty that they never got a ring it’s hilarious.

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