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Baltimore Ravens Center Jeremy Zuttah Planned His Entire Wedding Around His Dog Like A Boss


By: JerryAnytime

Pro Football TalkFor Jeremy Zuttah, man’s best friend was as important as his best man.

The Ravens center had to change his wedding plans, because the first option didn’t include his dog Ace, who he wanted by his side when he tied the knot.

Via WJZ in Baltimore, Zuttah abandoned plans to get married at City Hallwhen he found out his pit bull wouldn’t be allowed in.

Now-wife Heran Haile was on board with the idea, as the two found their dog Ace when they were both students at Rutgers.

Zuttah’s been an advocate for pet adoption, and the video of his companion wearing a dog tuxedo (with tails, to accommodate the wagging tail) is at the very least the kind of adorable pet news we could all use at the moment.

My God, do I need the NFL season to start. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs as much as the next basic white girl, but when this is a major news story on a major NFL blog, it’s a true testament to the struggle bus that is the sports world in July.

With that being said, I respect the hell out of this move. This guy based one of the more important days of his life around whether his dog would be able to walk alongside him down the aisle. That’s a guy that I would like to grab a beer with.

If watching that video of his dog Ace prancing down the aisle didn’t tug at a few of your heart strings, I’m assuming you just don’t have one. I made the most feminine sound that is possible for a 24 year old man to make while watching it. If we’re being honest, anytime I see a dog nowadays and I’ve had more than maybe 2-3 drinks, I basically just start clapping and might even shed a tear because I just like them that much. As a wise man once said, “dogs are my favorite kind of people.”



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