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Leaders of the New School: Why You Should Watch the NBA Summer League

ben simmons.jpg

By: Brandon Howard

The 2016 NBA Summer League has been loaded with talented, baby-faced rookies that have been getting buckets in Las Vegas. There are also a ton of guys out there that have bounced around for the early part of their careers and they’re trying to show these young boys what’s up (i.e. former Buckeye sharp shooter David Lighty)

If you haven’t had the chance to catch the summer league on TV, then you might want to before it ends on Friday July 18th because these guys will pave the way after LeBron and the Banana boat crew (Melo, Wade, CP3) exit.

banana boat

The summer league tournament starts tonight and it stars Simmons, Ingram, Valentine, and Buddy Hield.

Now these guys won’t technically be handed the reigns when the banana boat crew calls it quits because Paul George, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Andrew Wiggins, Kyrie Ivring, Russell Westbrook and others will take over. However, they will help usher in the new era, and the future looks bright. These kids are unbelievably versatile and entertaining to watch, don’t sleep on Buddy Hield.

Out of all of those names of future leaders though, Wiggins is the most important to these rookies because his age is not too far from most of the rookie class and he will become one of the best in the future barring any injury. Many compare him to a young Kobe.

Wiggins could have easily persuaded a crew of NBA Canadian players to the Olympics to show the world that Canada has hoopers too, but he decided to stay in the US and work on his game. Wiggins knows that his squad is talented and young which can lead to dominating the West in due time.

The Minnesota Timberwolves will be The Oklahoma City Thunder 2.0 soon, you read it here first!

My overall concern with the new rookie class is that they will adopt this nature of teaming up to win championships. LeBron is a once in a lifetime type of player, so I will give him a pass on being great and smart enough to pull it off.

lbj smile.gif

Kevin Durant, on the other hand, didn’t need to do it, but I understand he wants to win right now no matter what anybody thinks. Players teaming up to win ‘chips has been going on since the 70s but when its overkill with a top heavy league, it waters the NBA down a ton.

Not only are these rookies the answer to making the league more competitive, but they’re also crucial when it comes to the mentality of the game. LeBron has already rubbed off on some of the other vets in the game when it comes to teaming up for ‘chips, but I believe there is hope that these rookies will be groomed by their trash team that they’re on and will be convinced to stay and get better through the draft and other role players. I speak of LeBron’s teaming methods like its an infection…or maybe Walking Dead has been on break for too long.

PS: Negan kills Glenn, Rick turns on his crew and kills them then wakes up in a hospital with a staph infection that caused him to comatose for months. Just kidding but if that does happen YOU READ IT HERE FIRST!

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