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This is By Far the WILDEST Live Singing Performance I’ve Ever Seen

By: Alex Marcheschi

Apparently this was put on by a group called “Choir! Choir! Choir!” and I have to say that whole thing just blew my mind. I feel like I was watching that like a shooting star just zoomed right past my face and left stardust all over me. All we do as humans is look for fake Pokemon in real life and get pissed about the dollar menus disappearing, sometimes I forget we’re capable of stuff like this.

We all know this song from the lowkey GOAT movie of our childhood, “Shrek.”

I’m not even going to lie, I’ve cried watching Shrek. That movie is sad as hell at certain points. I heard Finding Dory was pretty intense too, and I saw Inside Out last year on vacation and that movie tugged HARD on my heartstrings. There should be emotional warnings before these type of movies, I always walk in hoping to see some cartoons and forget about life for a while and I end up leaving questioning every decision I’ve ever made.

p.s. Rufus Wainwright goes hard


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    Much Love & Two Fingers on Each Hand!

    Big PUPpy



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