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Cincinnati Returns from Weekend High with Typical Behavior


By: Nick Boeing – A 46-year-old Cheviot woman has been accused of trying to kill her neighbor’s dog and threatening him with a knife, according to court documents.

Dontai C. Robinson Sr. was coming home from work at around 3 a.m. Monday when he found Omega Khodzyev pouring a poisonous powder along the hallway between their apartments on Camvic Terrace, court documents state. Khodzyev told Robinson that she was afraid of his dog and trying to kill it, according to court documents.

Robinson confronted Khodzyev and knocked the poison out of her hand, which agitated Khodzyev, according to documents. Khodzyev then “ran back into the house and came back out with a black steak knife and lunged” at Robinson, the document states.

A great weekend in Cincinnati with FC Cincinnati shattering attendance records and drawing more fans than every single MLS game.
 fc cincy.png
I ran into a plethora of old friends that were in town including the Big Boss Man himself and JerryAnytime. It was great, but now Cincinnati is ready for reality.
reality check
Can’t honestly say I’m shocked by any of this, especially when you consider that it took place in Cheviot. Cheviot is the land of no middle ground. There’s either some nice, cool, albeit, hipster stuff or bottom-of-the-barrel, worse than sundried dog poop stuff. And, apparently, a woman named Omega.

If I ever have a neighbor with the first name Omega, you better believe I’m moving right away, changing my legal name and then worrying about selling my house. When someone’s birth name is Omega, you have to absolutely expect that they’re going to try and poison your dog, if not you.

I’ve also been following a story about a pizza delivery car that was used in a bank robbery this morning in Hyde Park. I’m writing this around 11:50 and it happened at 10:30 so be on the lookout for a rogue Pizza Hut vehicle. Wild stuff going down in the Nati this morning. Hopefully, some exhilarating updates will come along with that one.

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