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Cover Battles: Which Version of the Song is Better? “Call Me The Breeze” Edition

By: Alex Marcheschi

A lot of people get mad when artists cover songs, but I just see it as paying homage to something great. Nothing like a good cover, really. Every now and then I will post the original version of a song along with a great cover of it and we’ll see which one is actually better.

A lot of covers end up being the Kobe to the original’s MJ, really great, but just in a different way. Nothing wrong with that. Today we have Lynyrd Skynyrd’s original “Call Me The Breeze” up against John Mayer’s cover. 

The Original

The Cover

Verdict: It’s not really close here, Lynyrd’s original is amazing. Mayer’s cover is good, but he didn’t come close to overtaking the song. It is a nice little change of pace on more somber days, though. I’m a big John Mayer guy, but he may have been reaching in his latest album. That outfit on the cover art is a bit much.

Couldn’t start this series off with a victory for the cover, but there are some Goliath covers out there that I actually think are better than their original inspirations. Until next time, fam.

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  1. I love the “blues” genre and good guitar licks.

    I agree with the writer.

    John Mayer can play & sing; and, his album cover looks like an homage to every Clint Eastwood character in spaghetti westerns; except, in drag yo!

    We’re all pink on the inside, are God’s little children and yes, we all taste like chicken.

    Don’t hate, participate PUPpy People!

    Much Love & Two Fingers,

    Big PUPpy


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