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PSA: Dear Readers, Thanks for Sticking With Us – #Content will pick back up soon


By: Alex Marcheschi

I’ve driven back and forth from New Jersey to Ohio four times since May and have been super busy in between trips. Pair that with the slowest sports time of the year and you get a lack of #content. I won’t be by my laptop at all today, so nothing will go up. Don’t fear though, the site isn’t dying. Here’s what you can look forward to come mid-August:

Podcasts: We’re going to start up our podcast network once football season rolls around. We’ll have Fantasy stuff, NFL gambling advice, predictions, college football stuff and maybe even a little TMC and high school football talk. We’ll also get some guests on and maybe even have some non-sports podcasts.

Fantasy Football blogs: Everyone’s favorite vice, can’t wait for fantasy season.

More writers: A few people have reached out saying they want to submit some blogs once football starts up and we’re more than happy to have them. If you’re interested, email me at

More action in general: Summer is the best time to go outside and actually do stuff, once the fall rolls around, the content will flow so nicely. Once winter hits, we’ll all basically live inside and that’s very conducive to blogging.

Thanks to the readers and the people who have reached out with kind words and suggestions. It’s been fun and we’re looking forward to the football season!


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