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I Had No Idea This “School of Rock” Reunion Performance Existed and Now My Life is Better

By: Alex Marcheschi

Now I know what it feels like to be a parent. Those are my kids up there. “School of Rock” is a top five movie, IMO, and I legit had no idea that these kids were real musicians. I feel so dumb.

Zach STILL HAS IT. That was a wild-ass guitar solo.

This kind of reminds me how I felt when I realized that Hayden Panettiere was the little girl in Remember the Titans (another one of my top 5 movies).

Actually, that was a pretty weird feeling. That one shook me up a little bit, it was kind of like seeing a random female classmate from grade school who took the world by storm and shot up past the popular girls.


All I can say about that is, sweat emoji.jpg.






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