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Brandon Marshall and Antonio Brown Are Making Mogul Bets On Who Has More Receiving Yards This Year

By: JerryAnytime

Brandon Marshall is my Great White Buffalo. The one that got away. The guy is arguably, in my humble and very valuable opinion, a top 3 wide out in the league. Hands like a Venus fly trap. Built like me in my prime.

I absolutely love this bet. If I was able to bet a Porsche, you can bet your ass I’m betting a Porsche. Hopefully B-Marsh has a grip on his gambling limits because once you start betting Porsche’s, it all becomes a slippery slope.

Starts with a Porsche, next thing you know you lose your house, 3 fingers and your aunt Shelly. Antonio Brown might play for the most hated NFL team in the league, but the guy does work. I can already see AB and Marshall calling for the ball in a meaningless Week 16 game. I hate to admit it, but AB has the best smile in the game. Dude has straight up reflective teeth.


Prediction: Brandon Marshall puts up more receiving yards than AB this year. Marshall just got Fitzpatrick for another year, and I firmly believe that washed Big Ben is just a fat lumpy potato and is due for an off year.

big ben.jpg


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