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The PUP List Minnow Tank: WiFi Signal Blocker Bombs

Are you tired of seeing lewd WiFi signals pop up on your display screen?

wifi hahah

Does your phone accidentally connect to random open WiFi signals and drain your data as a result? Does your phone connect to other bluetooth devices in your apartment building? Or even worse, has someone connected to a bluetooth speaker in your apartment only to leave you scared out of your mind while Trey Songz starts pumping throughout your living room out of nowhere? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the perfect solution.

INTRODUCING: Signal Blocker Bombs


It works just like a bug bomb – just spark that shit up, rent a room at the Days Inn for a few nights and then boom: your apartment or condo is now an impenetrable WiFi and Bluetooth signal fortress. How does it work? Don’t worry about it. 

No more wasted data or WiFi thieves, sure your furniture might be ruined and your lungs will be forever tainted with chemicals, but your signal will be safe. Let’s be honest, at this point having a neighbor jack your WiFi signal is worse than your neighbor kidnapping your child.

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  1. I think the writer tends to exaggerate or is disproportionate with regard to his/her similes.

    Stay Classy San Diego!

    Much Love & Two Finges,

    Big PUPpy

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