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I Guess Leo is Allowed to Wear Cargo Shorts and All of Us Normals Aren’t

By: Alex Marcheschi

This video was cool to see. Big Jonah Hill guy, and I can’t really tell if he even likes Leo from this video. This is pretty old by now, but something just hit me: why is Leo allowed to wear cargo shorts? This is a dude that’s widely accepted as one of the sexiest dudes walking the planet and he’s rocking cargos. If he brings them back, I will personally venmo him.

I would kill to be able to wear cargos, but females all over the globe convened and decided that it’s truly the worst thing a guy can wear…well, news flash – I hate shopping and I haven’t bought new shorts since 2009. I was a HUGE cargo guy when it was still acceptable and I miss the shit out of ’em.

I guess the only way I’ll ever be able to wear cargos again is if I become such a megastar that it doesn’t matter what I wear. Example A:

kanye out

Leo is in that realm and I’m jealous. But, if society starts copying him, I’ll be the happiest man on earth.

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