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I’m Super Late, But This Donnie Trumpet Song Just Skyrocketed Up My All-Time Charts

By: Alex Marcheschi

YO. Not even joking those first 30 seconds are up there with the first 36 seconds of Hustlin’ when it comes to my favorite snippets of music ever (as I wrote here). This definitely would’ve been the theme song for that James Bond starring Denzel that never happened.

I’m so late to the party on this genre of music, but I’m extremely glad that I decided to attend. Donnie Trumpet gooooooes.

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  1. Esteemed Writer,

    I am hooked on this burrito of bumps ya-ya!

    It’s a cornucopia of genres, you just say to the flavor architect at your local Chipotle, “I want Double Everything Essei ’cause it’s all so bueno ya-ya!”

    Jazz Trio Featuring Horn

    All of these epicurean audible delights be double wrapped in soft tortillas of C-H-I-L-L

    Much Love & Two Fingers!

    Big PUPpy

    P.S. Check this, your diastolic will plummet!

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