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Luke Kuechly Received a 99 Rating from Madden 17…That’s Better Than Any Award, Right?

By: Alex Marcheschi


Luke Kuechly won the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2014, but this has to be better right? I can’t tell you who won that AP award last year, but I can damn sure tell you that Shane Lechler was rated 99 overall in Madden 2005.


It’s pretty amazing that a kid from our own backyard is basically a living, breathing cheat code. Snagging that elusive 99 overall rating in Madden is legendary. That’s something that people who don’t even watch sports can appreciate. Video games are a universal language.

Congrats to Luke, it’s a toss up between him and Von Miller for best linebacker alive right now and you can’t fault anyone for taking Luke. I like the Panthers this year, especially with a chip on their shoulder and that boi Kelvin Benjamin back.

With Kuechly reppin that 99 rating and Rudy gelling with Teddy B, it’ll most likely be a big year for the GCL boys in the league. It’s looking like the Bomber has a leg up on the Panther right now, but don’t forget Rudy has that Pro Bowl MVP.



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