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Cincy Spotlight Friday: Kyle Rudolph

By: Nick Boeing

As much of a shocker as it is, the well of UC football players with highlight videos is extremely shallow. There’s still more to choose from, but we’ve now decided to switch it up to this. This is gonna be all about former athletes from the Queen City. Could be professional or collegiate; hell, we might try and find some high school highlights of some guys. We’re diving into the deep end and there’s room for everyone. Let’s do it.

We MIGHT use high school highlights?! Fuck, man we’re starting this out with some high school highlights and batting lead off is none other than Kyle Rudolph. If you know me at all, you know I’m a little biased here since we’re talking about a fellow Elder Panther, but Kyle was a straight up monster at whatever the hell he wanted to be a monster at.

Disclaimer: Video quality isn’t exactly top-notch as this is from like eight years ago.

Catches in triple coverage?


Making 5-star basketball recruit Yancy Gates look like the bum he turned out to be?

Check. This guy could’ve played D1 basketball if he really wanted to.

rudy b ball.jpg

I’m not positive, but I remember hearing something about him getting some sort of offer from Wake Forest. Would’ve been Luke Harangody before Luke Harangody, although the similarity in appearance is kinda wild.

rudy face


For the uninitiated, Kyle went on to Notre Dame for football where he was somewhat plagued by injury, but when he played, he bit people’s heads off and fed them to opposing coaches like a mother bird. In fact, despite his injuries, he was so good that he became a 2nd round pick of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings haven’t had the best of quarterbacks so far in Rudy’s time, but he still managed to win a Pro Bowl MVP with Eli Manning throwing him the ball, so that says a lot.

From Visitation Viking to Elder Panther, culminating in what can only be considered fate, Rudy now proudly wears the purple and white on Sundays with a Viking logo splashed across the side of his helmet. What a life.


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