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Unsure How to Feel About Kanye? Here’s Everything About Him in One Video

By: Alex Marcheschi

This performance of “Ultralight Beam” contains every aspect of Kanye that has ever been talked about.

Strange clothing? Check.

Shitty live singing voice? Check. 

Auto-tune?  Check.

Confusing/Borderline concerning presentation value? Check. 

Surprisingly meaningful lyrics? Check. 

The ability to bring immense talent together perfectly like Pat Riley? Check. 

Ruining everything at the end by purposefully acting crazy? Check. 

This is who Kanye West is now. Sure he married Kim Kardashian, sure he says some crazy shit every now and then. But, the facts are that he is using his platform to open the door for a wide range of diverse artists. Whether it’s a potential one hit wonder artist who raps about murder and grand theft auto –

Or the potential voice of a generation –

He’s all about recognizing and developing talent.

But, back to the top video. I wouldn’t doubt if Kanye consciously chose to embody every stereotype about himself in that performance. Nowadays, Kanye is more of a hip-hop conductor than anything. He decides what the vibe is and he orchestrates how the genre develops.

Every now and then he’ll release a song that let’s everyone know how he’s actually feeling, and that was the case with “Saint Pablo.” The song and lyrics are below.

[Intro – Kanye West:]
Yeah, 9: 08 L.A. time
Back in the lab and shit

[Verse 1 – Kanye West:]
My wife said, I can’t say no to nobody
And at this rate we gon both die broke
Got friends that ask me for money knowing I’m in debt
And like my wife said, I still didn’t say no
People tryna say I’m going crazy on Twitter
My friends best advice was to stay low
I guess it’s hard to decipher all of the bills
Especially when you got family members on payroll
The media said it was outlandish spending
The media said he’s way out of control
I just feel like I’m the only one not pretending
I’m not out of control, I’m just not in their control
I know I’m the most influential
That TIME cover was just confirmation
This generation’s closest thing to Einstein
So don’t worry about me, I’m fine
I can see a thousand years from now in real life
Skate on the paradigm and shift it when I feel like
Grow conventional thought, don’t need to question
I know it’s antiquated so sometimes I get aggressive
Thank God For Jay Electra, he down with the mission
Did it with with no permission, on our own conditions
Most Blacks with money have been beaten to submission
Yeezy with the big house, did it way different
Never listen to Hollywood producers
Don’t stare at money too long, it’s Medusa
The ultimate Gemini has survived
I wasn’t supposed to make it past 25

[Chorus – Sampha:]
And you’re looking at the church in the night sky
Wondering whether God’s gonna say hi
I’ve been looking in the church in the night sky
And you wonder where is God in your nightlife
Yeah, you’re looking at the church in the night sky
Father, father, father
Wondering whether God’s gonna say hi
The night sky, I feel like I’m home, baby

[Verse 2 – Kanye West:]
I’ve been waking the spirits of millions more to come
A million illegally downloaded my truth over the drums
I believe in the children, listen to the kids, bro
If the phone ringing, go and get your kids ho
Brother Don Muhammad told the minister about the presentation
He sat back and smiled
Black on black lies is worse than black on black crime
The jews share they truth on how to make a dime
Most black men couldn’t balance a checkbook
But buy a new car, talking bout how my neck look?
Well it all looks great
Four hundred years later, we buying our own chains
The light is before us brothers, so the devil working hard
Real family stick together and see through the mirage
The smokescreens, perceptions of false reality
Who the real owner if your boss gets a salary?
I am one with the people
I am one with the people, real
I’ve been working from enlightened man’s dream
Checking Instagram comments to crowdsource my self esteem
Let me not say too much or do too much
Cause if I’m up way too much, I’m out of touch
I’m praying a out-of-body experience will happen
So the people can see my light, now it’s not just rapping
God, I have humbled myself before the court
Drop my ego and confidence was my last resort
I know, I know he got a plan, I know I’m on your beams
One set of footsteps, you was carrying me
When I turned on the news and they was burying me
One set of footsteps, you was carrying me
When I was negotiating with Apple, it was Larry and me
Told Tim Cook to call me, I was scary to see
I would’ve took a hundred million and gave twenty to Hov
I heard it’s the way they did it when we only had the stove
But it’s better that I stayed at home with my folks
Cause if Jay a billionaire then I’m a never go broke
Only thing I ask is next time I’m on stage we all go
We all go
Not just by myself, looking for niggas like where’s Waldo
She got the same shoes as my wife but she copped em at Aldo
Modern day MJ with an off the wall flow

[Bridge – Sampha:]
My life walk all over me
Walk all over me
I’m delivering everything I’ve ever sent to you, bring
Fly, fly, fly overseas
Fly overseas
Oh, anywhere, everything but in between

[Chorus – Sampha:]
Yeah, you’re looking in the church in the night sky
Wondering whether God’s gonna say hi
Oh, you’re looking in the church in the night sky
And you wonder where is God in your nightlife
Yeah, you’re looking in the church in the night sky
Wondering whether God’s gonna say hi

[Outro – Sampha:]
Please face me when I speak
Please say to me something before you leave
You’ve been treating me like I’m invisible
Now I’m visible to you, oh, invisible truths
They say I can’t quite understand what you say
Understand, understand
Understand I’m standing on the oath
With my hand on the book
Tell the truth, nothing but the whole truth
And you always give me half of you, half of you
Take half a shot, watching all my heart of gold
Make you feel like something from a film, oh

The key to enjoying Kanye West, and most other entertainers in society, is realizing that he’s always performing. He knows how to rile up the nation and he doesn’t mind altering his reputation to keep his name in the news. He was a PR genius before he married Kim, and now he’s married to the scariest PR wizard ever. It almost feels like an entirely new genre of music is being created and Kanye has been the leader of the movement. Things can only get weirder from here on, let’s just hope Kanye stays focused.

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