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Craziness in the Cubes: Co-Worker Ate a Bathroom Trash Apple

By: Boots

I recently realized that my contributions on this blog shouldn’t be limited to sports, but I can bring the readers some horror stories from my caged up cube life. Here we go.


Late Monday afternoon in the dog days of August outside of Philly.  Nobody wants to be in the office (especially not myself).

ryan hehe.gif

Main characters:


Tall, skinny man (mid-40s)

An apple (presumably Gala)

The story:

This starts off like any other normal story of a man just going to take a piss.  I walk in, start doing my business and everything is going just fine.  That’s when the barbarian comes in. 


This guy did not have a care in the world, just tossing his apple up and down in air.  Next thing I know, he places it right on the top of the garbage can and strolls over to the urinal.  Two things came to mind immediately: The first was the fact that this man really needed a bathroom cubby from The League, and the second was there was no way in hell that he was going to actually eat that thing.

bathroom cubby.png

I finish my business, but take my time to see the next move this savage makes.  Sure enough, he zips up the pants, grabs the apple off the top of the trash can, and takes a bite.  To say I was shook is the understatement of the century.



No question that this man has evolved into the next level not giving a fuck about his life. Long story short, this was the highlight of my cube week… where did my life go wrong? I’ll keep you all posted with more stories from my cage.

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