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In Honor of the National Park Service Turning 100 Years Old Today, Here’s Conor’s Cross-Country Roadtrip Video Montage

By: Conor

In honor of the US National Park Service turning 100 today, I finally finished a road trip video from Summer 2015. Some might call it procrastination, I call it perfect timing. Lets just pretend I planned on finishing it today…

This trip was just under 12,000 miles over 38 days, starting and ending in New Jersey (map below shows the trip ending in Michigan, it didn’t pan out that way and I ended at home).

road trip

Since this trip, I’ve ditched the hair and moved to Arizona. Not gonna say this trip didn’t influence the decision to come out here. Some could argue I moved away because NJ is too expensive, but if you ask others, they may say I’ve gone west in an attempt to become a wild wanderer in hopes of looking like Donny from the Wild Thornberrys.

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  1. Dear Esteemed Videographer, Historian, Choreographer, Compiler of Magical Music and Companion to Whom is Unmistakably As Beautiful As Any Image Captured in Subject Video,

    In other words, Dear Conor; aka, “Wreck It Ralph”, “Con-Man”, or known to few as “Ghengis”.

    Thank you from the deepest chasm of one of the “Grandest Canyons” of them all; my heart.

    You were truly meant to do this.

    Thank You for The Gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much Love & Two Fingers,

    Big Puppy

    P.S. Love the squirrel! Did you hire a rodent trainer?

    P.P.S. Love the Man-Bun! The 3rd Best NFL QB of all time shares your penchant for similar coiffure.

    P.P.S It’s obvious your overhand snowball throwing technique needs a little “butching-up” to say the least. Nice form on the skipping of stones, very masculine and natural.


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