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The Glass Animals’ New Album is Too Niiiiice

By: Alex Marcheschi

I just started delving into this kind of music last summer, so I’m admittedly a n00b when it comes to Indie Rock/Whatever-the-Glass-Animals-are. “Gooey” is the first song I heard from them and it’s the perfect song to just have a hardcore relax sesh (lol) to.

The Spotify link to their new album, “How To Be a Human Being,” is below. So far my favorite song is “Season 2 Episode 3.” If you’re like me and you already killed Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” dead by listening too much, the Glass Animals are here to save you.

p.s. there’s a strong chance I said some dumb shit that will anger true Glass Animals fans here, and for that I preemptively apologize.


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