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Introducing the College Gameday Drinking Game

lee corso beer

*Editor’s note: Adam Bross is joining us as a college football writer, for years he has been writing on his own blog that can be found here. He has blessed us with the rights to his College Gameday Drinking Game, it’s below. Enjoy. 

By: Adam Bross

Dear Friends and Recent Players,

Welcome to the return of Saturday’s most underrated and over-influenced tradition!  With heavy hearts last year we should farewell to College Gameday great Chris Fowler, but Rece Davis was an admirable host who mentioned us three times on air.  This season, we’re ready for a return to normalcy…not because Chris has returned, but because Rece is our normalcy now.  Kirk, Lee, Desmond, David, Samantha, Yuengling…it’s all here, ladies and gentlemen.  If you unfortunately do not reside in the states harboring Yuengling, I bid thy pity.  Prepare your livers and consider your children while we avoid both of those and jump in with both feet to the first #CGDG of the season.

– Your friends at College Gameday Drinking Game

Week 1 2016

To Start:

Take a drink for each person wearing a black suit coat.

My Friend Game: When “NOT SO FAST” is said for the first time, everyone must start drinking the beverage in their hand. The last person to finish his/her drink then becomes Lee Corso’s friend.  The friend must then drink each time Lee Corso says “my friend” for the rest of the day.

Analyst Game: Pick an analyst (Kirk, Lee, or Desmond).  Each time your analyst is shown alone on camera or previews a game take a drink….if your analyst leaves the table, the person who takes his place at the table is now your analyst (for better or for worse)

Signs and Flags

Take a drink for any sign referring to Les Miles
Take a drink for any sign referring to Leonard Fournette
Take a drink for any sign referring to Cheese
Take a drink for any sign referring to the Green Bay Packers
Take a drink for any sign playing off of ESPN
The Samantha Ponder Cheers: When Samantha Ponder is shown, cheers to “Mediocre NFL careers!” and take a drink
The Bear Cheers: Each time the Bear is shown, cheers to “The Bear!” and take an drink.
The College Football Playoff Cheers: Each time the college football playoff is mentioned, cheers “To The System” and take a drink.
During the Show:
Make sure to continue following the “My Friend” and “Analyst” games
Take a drink when Jim Harbaugh, Greg Ward, Pat Fitzgerald, or Bob Stoops is shown
Take a drink the first time your favorite team or alma mater is mentioned
Take a drink each time Leonard Fournette is mentioned
Take a drink each time Alabama’s National Championship is mentioned
Take a drink every time a stadium is shown.
Take a drink each time someone welcomes back a person or college football
Take a drink each time the Heisman Trophy is mentioned
Take a drink each time Desmond Howard is shown in a Packers uniform
Take a drink each time a now graduated or departed player is shown
Take a drink each time “True Freshman” is said
If the guest picker is Aaron Rodgers, FINISH YOUR BEER

Perform the Saturday Selections: Each time you agree with your analyst, take a drink.  Each time you disagree, drink for five seconds.  If you fail to make a pick for a game, drink for ten seconds.  (The Guest Picker may be chosen if wanted).

During the Louisiana State – Wisconsin Pick If Lee Corso dons a cheese head, FINISH A BEER, if he takes off the cheese and replaces it with the Tiger head FINISH ANOTHER BEER.  If Lee simply dons the LSU Tiger head, FINISH YOUR BEER.  If Lee Corso dons Bucky, FINISH 2 BEERS

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