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Breaking: Johnny Manziel Enrolls Back in Classes at Texas A&M, Time to Prove Dad Wrong

By: Alex Marcheschi

This is real news, not a joke. Manziel is back in classes at Texas A&M. To be honest, I love the move. He’s not getting signed by an NFL team, might as well get that degree.

After being out of college for two full years now, I can say that I miss it dearly. If I had millions of dollars like Manziel, I’d probably go back to school too. Cheap rent, cheap drinks, cheap food, Southern Bells everywhere, playing 2K with the bois, excuses to drink every night…what’s not to love?


If I was a kid in College Station with a house, I’d be begging Johnny to sublease. Imagine living with Manziel in college at this point, you could write a best selling tell-all book and be set for life if you lived with the guy for a few months.

(jk, writing a tell-all book is the #softest move out there)

In summation, why wouldn’t Johnny do this? If he didn’t go back to school he’d just be chillin’ in Calabasas trying to sneak in to Drake’s pool. Long Island Iced Teas are like $17 out there. He’d be broke in two years. At least in a college town he can hang out for like 20 years and still have money.

All in on the Manziel revival. Let’s go. Also, fuck his dad. He needs help bro? Your his dad, man. Make a play.



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